Making Better Food Choices

When I was going through some issues, I didn’t feel well a lot of the time. My doctor advised regular exercise and good nutrition. They work better than any medication, he said. When you go off drugs, there are rebound effects. I decided to heed his words. Now that I am better, I am gaining a little weight. This happens when you are happier with your life. Depression is great for staying thin, but what a price you pay! Now I am back to the doctor’s advice and you will often find me on the treadmill at the gym. The endorphins a workout releases work wonders to keep that happy mood intact. If you are down, they will get you back up fast.

Nutrition wasn’t to be ignored of course. I ran out to buy all kinds of fruit and vegetables. They make great snacks, so you will avoid chips and dip. I don’t want to eat healthy short term, but always. Vegetables will be on my plate at dinner next to a piece of chicken or fish. I will give myself two weeks to lose four pounds after which I will continue this practice. I just will be able to sneak a cookie now and then. Sugar is also great for mood enhancement. Many people who are depressed or anxious load up on sugar, fat or carbs. They are all devastating as the effect doesn’t last long. What does is the excess poundage. Now I am into better food choices and here to remind you to do the same. At least, you won’t feel depressed about being overweight. And you will look good in your gym clothes.

It was fun standing by the kitchen sink rinsing everything under the steady stream of water provided by my reliable Delta from Kitchen Faucet Depot after seeing it on their Facebook page. With one pull of the lever to the right, I get instant cold water. The produce is rinsed and dried and goes into the fridge in plastic bags. It is easier for me to do everything at once, so I have only one mess to clean up. There are carrot peelings and orange rinds everywhere. I place them in a sack and toss them in a plastic lined trash can. The whole task is simple as pie. I love handling the vegetables and looking at their graceful shapes and vibrant colors. A red pepper taking a cold shower under the Delta is a gorgeous site.

Apples and pears are so pretty that they go into a painted ceramic bowl on the countertop. During certain times of the year I replace them with lemons, lines and oranges. Tomatoes also look nice taking a nap on your butcher block and they like to stay at room temperature. Everything else will soon become a healthy salad with a low-cal dressing. I turn off the Delta faucet, hang the damp kitchen towel and turn off the light. My work is done, and I am very content. Who said cooking is therapeutic is right.

Still a Work in Progress

Blogs should be about positive things—those good happenings in your life. I am not one to imitate others so I write what I want as long as it reveals something about me as a unique person. I do like to tell stories, however, and appreciate others when they entertain me with their human tales. I want to emphasize foibles here, not just ordinary accounts of mundane life. I like to hear about what amuses you, what scares you, what makes you cringe, and finally what makes you tick. It helps me to learn more about myself. I know that we all have a lot in common.

Take memories for example. We are loaded to the gills with good and bad ones and they pop up during waking hours as well as in dreams. I don’t know why these memories are triggered at particular times, but recently a movie somehow did the job. It reminded me of something that happened in college while I was at a party. I was young with much experience and I raided the beer fridge to Crack a Cold One one time to many. I was smashed and falling on my face drunk. I didn’t know it so I was not yet mortified. I think most of the other kids at the party were in the same boat. You remember well after the fact when someone mentions how you behaved in strange ways. You probably confessed something personal and embarrassing. When I came to my senses, I realized that I had a long way to go to grow up and gain control. Such silly moments are common in college as we learn to make our way. No one is exempt from immaturity at least for some period of time. The memory reminded me of how far I have come.

It should be a fun memory of good laughs and merriment among friends. We were new at the socializing game. We needed a little beer for positive re-enforcement; it was just that we didn’t know when to quit. We kept guzzling it down making toasts to our happy days. This might have been the very first time I had gotten drunk, especially in public. I remember an empty room with a bed with me sprawled face down. I only came up for air a few hours later when I found a ride back to the dorm. I am not even sure what happened to my car.

At first, I couldn’t laugh about this memory because it seemed painful to me. It probably wasn’t at the time. Now I see it as a phase of much-needed personal growth that I can talk about in public. No need to be so sensitive about the past. How do you deal with such memories? Are they a road to personal assessment or something to suppress? If we pay attention to dreams and recollections, we can do a bit of self-psychoanalysis. What do you think?