Maybe a Second Date?!?

Having a successful blind date is a rarity indeed. I don’t know many people who can say that they have formed good relationships this way. Now I beg to differ—wait till the end. I was fixed up by a friend and agreed to test the water, not having done this before. I was somewhat intimidated about whether he would like crazy me. I don’t think my friend would have suggested the idea if she didn’t think it would work. This gave me some hope.

We planned to meet in two days for coffee to be cautious—just an hour. I suppose this is what most blind dates do. You have to check each other out in terms of looks, personality, and conversational style. I am less of a talker than a listener. I am told this is a good quality when you meet someone new. Let them take the lead which appeals to their ego. Men, in particular, are said to like to dominate at first. I hope he takes at least some interest in my world. I will start with his to be safe. My friend agreed and said, “you can’t go wrong.” She wished me good luck.

The “date” was fine. I was relieved. Here is how it went. We said hello and both parties seemed pleased with what they saw. We sat down and ordered a large mocha latte. We had that in common. While sipping the hot java, he started to talk about his life. He covered the usual stuff: background, job, previous marriages, hobbies, and the like. As I suspected, he liked that I listened. He felt comfortable to go off on a tangent. He said he had a kind of secret life on weekends and hoped that I wouldn’t find it odd.

It was something new to me: using a metal detector to find gold and other buried treasure. He found places where he could use what he said was the best metal detector to find things of value. He had to accept a lot of junk at first. Over time, he discovered some coins, jewelry, and assorted gold decorative items. He said he hit it rich once or twice.

He trusted me enough to tell me his favorite locations. They varied from a playground, park, beach and picnic grounds to a creek and campsite. I was truly fascinated by this strange enterprise. I vowed to look it up online. Did other people do this as well? What does it say about a person. I would soon find out.