Out of my Comfort Zone

When you feel off, you get help. It’s as simple as that. Why tough it out on your own. Advice might be just what you need. Who you choose to consult with depends on the situation. Sometimes it is a mental problem and other times it is purely physical. If it is both, take stock and figure out what’s wrong. I like to figure it out and then add another opinion to the mix. Recently, I was being anti-social and my doctor found out about it. I must have revealed something during therapy. I am not always forthcoming with information.

To address the problem, she recommended that I immediately become more social. Statistics show that this is a universal remedy. You can text or email people on social media, hence the name. But being with others in person is far more effective. You can join a dance class, a sewing circle or a book club. To each his own I say. None of this appeals to me or I would have done it by now. Showing a somewhat apathetic response, the doctor mentioned sports. It affords exercise, fun, and camaraderie. Okay, I’m there. Who cares if it is out of my comfort zone.

I found a woman’s basketball team within a short drive from where I live. I have no excuse not to go. I do agree that it will help me meet new people. As we are doing a common activity, it will be easy to relate. I won’t have to dig up obscure subjects. The topic of interest is clear. Coming up with interesting information can be stressful. Once you get to know people, it becomes easier. Thus, I am ready, willing, and able to get going.

I had one problem in the beginning, but it was not something I couldn’t overcome. I have a few injuries from previous activities like skiing. I once turned my ankle when I fell on a steep slope. I must baby it a bit by wearing an ankle brace, so I found a top rated one from Baller’s Guide. An ankle support will be of great use in basketball, especially given all the jumping. I don’t want to land in an odd way, injuring it more.

We train a few days a week at night and optionally on weekends. We need a lot of practice until we get in sync as a team. If we succeed in coordinating our plays and controlling the ball, we might enter a few local tournaments. That will be something really new for me. I want to pump my energy up and this could do it. Plus, I can invite family and friends. It will be a whole new side of my personality. Those close to me will be surprised, not to mention my doctor. Sports is known to be at the top of the list of best therapies. If you are depressed, anxious, stressed, sad, or a Gloomy Gus, this could also be for you.